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Tokyo 2010: Restaurants & Hotels

[ISBN : 978-2-06-714516-0]

The guide to the best restaurants in town. Each listing is recommended by Michelin’s team of anonymous local inspectors. For more than a century Michelin’s obsessively researched restaurant and hotel guides have been indispensable to travelers seeking great places to dine and stay in Europe at all budget levels. This edition includes, more than 30 hotels and 175 restaurants, time-tested Michelin iconography for easy reference, Michelin stars indicate culinary excellence, Red Pavilions Icons highlight charming hotels, thematic indexes (restaurants with private rooms, late-night dining, open on Sundays, index by cuisine, etc.), each establishment has a two-page spread, including a page of color photos and a page of description, each spread contains a map extract showing the exact location of the establishment, making it easy to find, restaurants and hotels organized alphabetically, colorful maps at the end of guide make locating recommended restaurants and hotels easy.


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