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The Underwater Photographer

[ISBN : 978-0-240-52164-0]

In the fully updated fourth edition of “The Underwater Photographer” Martin Edge takes you deeper than ever before in to the world of underwater photography. This comprehensive revision offers practical advice on everything from basic techniques such as using compact cameras, composition and lighting to more adventurous topics such as the use of two flashguns, shooting with manual white balance and using Magic Filters. New chapters cover highly specialised underwater techniques such as shooting pelagics, split-level shots and extreme macro and close-up, while common sense guidelines to using the latest software such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provide both the novice and the seasoned underwater photographer with the tools they need to gain control of their digital workflow. As the only comprehensive guide to underwater photography available, the fourth edition of “The Underwater Photographer” is the bible for underwater photographers of all levels and skills. …


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