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Spiral Draw Book

[ISBN : 1-57054-960-5, 978-1-57054-960-1]

A retro-cool drawing activity for a whole new generation. Comes with sturdy plastic drawing wheels and multi-colored gel pens that get kids creating zillions of swirly spirals right on the pages of the book. This is the frame. Its job is to sit on your drawing surface and go nowhere. Sound cushy? It also has the very important job of keeping the drawing wheels under control. These are your drawing wheels. There are four and each one has about a dozen holes. If the frame is your skating rink, these are your hockey players. While the frame guides the wheel, the wheels keep the pens going in the right direction. And – shocking, we know – the pens do the drawing. The special pens we’ve included have ink that changes color as you draw. This is pretty cool in its own right, but use these for a spiral drawing and it’s super-cool.


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