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Pricing: Policies and Procedures

[ISBN : 0-333-69413-9]

Pricing is a vital and complex element of the marketing mix. The right price can be the key to profitability and the establishment of a sustainable and successful market position. Conversely, setting the price too high or too low has proved to be the downfall of many promising business ideas. The theme of this book is that the price for a product meshes marketing and manufacturing strategies in maximising the long-term profitability of the firm within the constraints of cost structure and the marketplace. Rather than look at the mechanics of pricing, this text shifts the emphasis to the meshing of the total product concept with the concepts of value and quality as interpreted by price whilst looking at other factors such as customer satisfaction. Available in paperback for the first time, “Pricing: Policies and Procedures” is ideal for students of marketing and business wishing to understand pricing and how it can be applied in a variety of markets and situations.


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