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Paris Architecture & Design

[ISBN : 978-3-937718-80-4]

It has been the French revolution that has paved the way for an inventive and creative spirit in the arts, architecture, literature, and music that enhanced the development of science and technology of the future. Even a few years back, on the 200th anniversary of the revolution, the city presented more breath-taking monuments to modern architecture, which rival any in Europe. This book presents new and innovative projects by architects, who on the one hand, bear witness to the desire to combine environmentalism with the urban needs and, on the other, to the diversity of influence and changes needed in the architectural outlook. All projects will be listed in alphabetical order to the architects and designers, presented in a very clear layout. As far as available floor plans will give additional insights. Издание на английском, немецком, испанском, французском и итальянском языках. Формат: 25 см х 32 см.


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