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Справочник по грамматике испанского языка
Справочник по грамматике испанского языка
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Oman: The Complete Residents’ Guide

[ISBN : 978-976-8182-83-8, 976-8182-83-0]

This is no ordinary guidebook. It’s the ultimate instruction manual to living, working, relaxing, partying and playing in Oman. Fire your life coach, forget the personal trainer, cancel your newspaper subscription and trash your TV: all the information you need for settling down and living it up is right here. The “Oman Explorer” is written by people who live in, and love, Oman, and their insider knowledge will put you on the fast track to getting the most out of life in this amazing country. It’s jam-packed with information on exploring, activities and setting up home, and with a bumper section of restaurant, cafe, bar and club reviews, it will catapult your social life from excruciating to exciting! No questions are left unanswered in this new edition of the best-selling guide to Oman. The only thing left to ask yourself is how you ever managed without it. Becoming a Resident. Setting Up Home. Shopping. Exploring Muscat &…


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