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Essentials of Economics
Essentials of Economics
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Discovery Guide to Eastern Turkey and the Black Sea Coast

[ISBN : 0-902743-74-0]

As experienced travellers to Turkey know, the country is too vast and varied to be encapsulated within one guide. Eastern Turkey in particular is rarely more than an appendix in other books. In this Discovery Guide it now receives the detailed description it deserves. The Anatolian plateau has a power in its scale and ruggedness that is almost demonic, and the stillness that settles on the thin piercing blueness of Lake Van seems surreal. Yet from the summit of Mount Ararat, where the Bible has Noah’s Ark coming to rest after the Flood, the view is of nothing less than ‘the whole cradle of the human race’. Eastern Turkey and the forested shores of the Black Sea are a world apart from the familiar Greek and Roman influences along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. It is an exciting adventure for a new generation of travellers.


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