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Ягоды-целители в вашем саду
Ягоды-целители в вашем саду

For Shannon Bodine, losing her mother has been doubly heartbreaking: hours before she died, her mother confessed that Shannon’s father was not the man she believed, but a married man in Ireland. Across the ocean, Brianna and Maggie Concannon have been eagerly awaiting news of their half-sister, the last living link to their much missed father. But the woman who visits Brie’s guest house in County Clare is not the loving sibling they had hoped for. Shannon, shaken by the truth of her birth, stays distant from the fiery sisters while she clears her head. The power of Ireland’s beauty, however, quickly sweeps the third Concannon girl off her feet. And so does the feeling that she has met the tall young farmer Murphy somewhere, or sometime, before. To truly embrace this new family, Shannon will have to leave her other life far behind. As passionate dreams of the past flood her senses, will Shannon be able to make the right choice about the future? “Born in Shame” is…


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