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Bedders, Bulldogs & Bedells: A Cambridge Glossary

[ISBN : 0-521-47978-9]

This is a new edition of Frank Stubbings’ “Bedders, Bulldogs & Bedells: A Cambridge Glossary”, first published by the author in 1991. It has now been Revised, enlarged by a number of new entries, and adorned with a selection of illustrations. Like the first edition, the book aims to explain lucidly and readably the many special words and usages current in the Cambridge academic milieu. What are bedders, bulldogs, bedells? What is a tripos? What is a gyp-room? What (in the past) was a ten-year man? What was the Wooden Spoon? Puzzled visitors, freshmen, even dons, may find here first aid and refreshment. Формат издания: 14 см х 21,5 см.


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