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Villa (+ DVD-ROM)
John Saladino's powerful new book is nothing less than a master class in interior and garden design by one of the world's most distinguished architectural designers. Focusing on a romantic stone ruin of a house in the California hills overlooking over the Pacific, it shows how his principles and passions guided him through the five-year process of re-fashioning it into his dream house. With the aid of architectural drawings, and photographs of the house as it was in the 1930s, as it looked when he first bought it, during the rebuilding process, and today, John Saladino traces the work involved, and explains the reasons for his decisions. A consummate craftsman with the soul of an artist, John Saladino has always been as acutely concerned with practicalities as he is with aesthetics: no drain, air vent, or light switch passes his attention. The heart of the book is a superbly illustrated tour through the house. Here he proves that he practices what he has preached for more...
Издательство: Frances Lincoln