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English Children’s Costume 1775-1920
Late in the eighteenth century, English children's apparel began to look different from that worn by their elders. The reason, says writer James Laver in his introduction, is that someone finally realized children were different! (The eighteenth-century child could hardly play comfortably dressed like his father in periwig, long coat and sword.) This engaging book records those changes, with illustrations depicting styles at five- or ten-year intervals, from 1775--when distinctive costume for children first made its appearance--to 1920. Each attractive and interesting drawing is accompanied by a concise description. "Well worth our while to ponder and impossible not to enjoy"-- Times [London] Literary Supplement. Unabridged reproduction of English Children's Costume Since 1775, originally published by A. & C. Black, Ltd., London, 1930. Introduction by James Laver. 32 black-and-white illustrations; 8 color illustrations on covers.
Издательство: Dover Publications

Illustrated Handbook of Western European Costume: Thirteenth to Mid-Nineteenth Century
This valuable study by Iris Brooke uses theatrical costumes as contemporary clues to the wearing apparel that was in vogue in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Flanders from 1260 to 1840. The author, noted for her series of books on English costume, has enhanced this work with more than 200 of her own charming and accurately rendered illustrations. 32 of them in color. The survey meticulously depicts and describes more than 200 costumes, including medieval gowns with long-tongued sleeves, pocket-like slits, high waists, and crinolines. For men, among other apparel, there are cloaks, tunics, slippers, farthingales, ruffles, bombasted (padded) breeches, skin-tight trousers, top hats, and knee boots. Immensely useful to costume and cultural historians, this one-volume republication of a two-book series will appeal to anyone interested in the evolution of clothing styles.
Издательство: Dover Publications