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Batman: Inferno
Gotham’s never been so scorching, the Joker’s never been more despicable, and Batman’s never been in such grave danger. With more than thirty fires raging out of control across the city, Gotham is indeed a hell on earth. But torching the population is small potatoes for the arsonist extraordinaire known as Enfer. The pyromaniac’s mad masterpiece is Arkham Asylum, blazing like a Roman candle and engineered to provide the perfect escape for Arkham’s most infamous inmate, the Joker. But the dire situation goes from bad to beyond monstrous when the archvillain’s path to freedom leads directly to the Dark Knight’s cave. The Joker believes in striking while the iron is hot . . . and now it’s never been hotter. After all, the diabolical villain has devised the ultimate joke: launch the mother of all crime waves, masquerading as the Caped Crusader himself! With Gotham erupting in flames and its #1 crime fighter fast becoming its #1 enemy,...
Издательство: Del Rey

The Vertigo Encyclopedia
"The Vertigo Encyclopedia" is the most comprehensive guide to the strange, revelatory, shocking, and always stimulating world of Vertigo. Contains in-depth entries for more than 80 major groundbreaking series and graphic novels, plus an A to Z Gazetteer section describing 120 more titles covering the entire history of Vertigo. Details the storylines, characters, settings, spin-off publications, and key moments of acclaimed award-winning series such as 700 Bullets, Fables, Hellblazer, Preacher, The Sandman, Swamp Thing, Y: The Last Man, and more. Includes behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of Vertigo's titles and its unrivaled roster of writers and artists. Illustrated with more than 800 full-color illustrations taken from the original series and graphic novels.
Издательство: Дорлинг Киндерсли