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Art Deco Fashion

[ISBN : 0-8212-2832-3]

From flapper dresses to feathers, fashion exploded during the Roaring ’20s, when clothes became a symbol of a more liberated lifestyle and epitomized the glamour and youthful excitement of the Jazz Age. Hemlines and waistlines slowly crept toward each other as the motto for style – and life – became “Anything Goes!” In “Art Deco Fashion” the world of Hollywood and F.Scott Fitzgerald comes to life in images of beaded evening dresses for dancing the Charleston; sporty outfits for golf, tennis, and swimming; and clothes designed for traveling in luxury liners, trains, or in streamlined cars. Accented with posters, photographs, and images from fashion magazines of the era, this sumptuous volume presents a thorough and stunning review of Deco fashion.


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