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Уильям Шекспир. Сонеты, трагедии, комедии
Уильям Шекспир. Сонеты, трагедии, комедии
Книги > Foreign Books > Books in English > Комиксы, манга, календари > Комиксы и графика > Разное > Punisher MAX Vol. 1: In the Beginning

Punisher MAX Vol. 1: In the Beginning

[ISBN : 0785113916]

Prepare to be punished! For the first time ever, Marvel’s one-man-army takes center stage in a no-holds-barred Mature Readers series! Writer Garth Ennis and artist Lewis LaRosa take Punisher to the MAX – literally – as the hunter becomes the hunted! Frank Castle’s old associate Micro is back, and he’s after Frank. But first, he’s got an offer for Frank that he’d better not refuse. Get ready for blazing bullets, bloodbaths, and bold beginnings! Collects Punisher MAX 1-6.


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